søndag den 20. januar 2013

Kennel My Alaskan in harness

this weekend has been cold......but that is the ideal weather for Alaskan Malamute and their owners

First on the right is My Alaskan Frozen Treasure aka Joker winning scooter class with his friend Tilla...and Tillas owner Vagn

second we see My Alaskan Arctic Fireball with owner Jesper winning Canicross 2 class

Owners Michael & Pernill has also been out with Int.multi ch. My Alaskan Masterpiece
trying out Weight Pulling

And dkch My Alaskan Winter Dream was out pulling tire in the woods

and then some of "our" fur kids was just out having fun
Foxie aka My Alaskan Safety to Nome 10 months old

My Alaskan Breaking Trail aka Buser 10 months old

onsdag den 9. januar 2013

a walk in the forrest

in December we invited our puppy buyes to join us for a walk in the forrest - we had lovely snow and made "æbleskiver" on open fire...a very cosy day it was





Snow is the absolute right clima for our dogs....


DKCH My Alaskan Winter Dream

DKCH My Alaskan Winter Dream

My Alaskan Checkpoint Ruby

My Alaskan Private Label with mom Snocribs Aniu o Onak

see our winter slide show


Team Kiano

First weekend of the new year and first time they ever participate in a race... Michael Karstensen and his team of  CIB multich. My Alaskan Masterpiece and Amulogas Snow Princess wins 1.price aka gold in Scooter Class2


show brags

My Alaskan North Face aka Monty takes his Best in Show nr. 5

Monty is now also International Champion

his litter brother Sudden aka My Alaskan Polar Quest also now International Champion 

and the 3. litterbrother Enzo aka My Alaskan Icy Cougar also new International Champion

And to top it all....
our foundation girl...DKCH Snocribs Aniu O Onak goes 
TOP BROOD BITCH 2012 at our breed club

and funny since I made this add...the post international champion is now 3 :-) woop woop

on another show My Alaskan Polar Quest aka Sudden also took a VERY prestigues BOB under breeder judge Barbara Brooks....

in Spain our puppy girl DeeDee from litter 3 also holds a record :-)

we would also like to brag about the fact that our Enzo...became TOP 9 dog off all breeds in Denmark 2012

we are so very proud of all the results - and thank the dedicated owners for all their hard work!

lots of news 

Aoife aka My Alaskan Winter Dream became TOP bitch DKK 2012 and TOP 2 bitch in Danish Polar Breed Club - needless to mention I am SO proud of my homebred girl